Venetian blinds, Melbourne

For Venetian blinds Melbourne, Fabric Creations offer a large range of fashionable colours to suit modern decor or for a more traditional look. Venetian blinds provide an effective way of controlling the amount of direct sunlight entering your home or office. Venetians are available in a slimline Venetian (25mm) and micro Venetians (16mm).

The warmth and luxury of cedar timber is shown beautifully in our quality built timber Venetian blinds. The elegance of plantation grown timber blinds is created in a wide range of shades in easily cleaned, UV resistant, lacquered finishes.

Fabric Creations also have a range of aluminium Venetian blinds in brilliant colours as well as a contemporary metallic and timber-look range. These Venetian blinds are also excellent for controlling light entering a room, giving greater ventilation and also to increase privacy and security in your home or office.

Timber Venetian blinds are the ultimate indoor experience providing all the benefits of aluminium Venetians coupled with the natural warmth and beauty of timber. Timber Venetian blinds are available in a choice of colours and blade widths. Fabric Creations offers various styles and types of timber Venetian blinds to suit your home or office and your budget.