Shade sails, Melbourne

If your outdoor area doesn’t include a patio or open-plan structure, erecting shade sails is a simple way to incorporate shaded protection for your outdoor entertaining area. We use Clark shade sails which are available in PVC or cloth materials. Fabric Creations has a range of options for homes and businesses requiring custom shaded areas in Cheltenham and across Melbourne.

Clark cloth shade sails provide a high level of protection from harmful rays from the sun, shielding 99 percent of UV rays. Cloth materials are water resistant and will provide a level of protection from rain, particularly light rain or short bursts of rain. PVC shade sails are completely waterproof and therefore are more suitable for clients who are more concerned about protection from rain.

We have a variety of colours and textures available to suit the existing decor at your home or business and can advise on the best shade sail structure for your needs. Please contact us for enquiries about shade sails in Cheltenham, Melbourne. We also have tinted and clear cafe blinds which are perfect as versatile patio walls.