Cafe blinds, Melbourne

Cafe blinds are a practical addition to any outdoor entertaining area. They don’t encroach upon your space and aren’t necessarily designed to be a feature, but rather to ensure the features of your outdoor space can be enjoyed year-round. Fabric Creations specialises in cafe blinds for homes and businesses in Cheltenham and the wider Melbourne region.

We use Coverland PVC blinds which are available in clear or tinted varieties. If sun glare is an issue, you might like to opt for the tinted PVC blinds. If it’s important to be able to see the view, the children or other parts of your¬†outdoor space when the blinds are down, then clear PVC blinds might work best as these are completely transparent. We can certainly help you with your choice and provide a measure and quote at your home or business.

The benefits of having cafe blinds installed includes:

  • the tinted variety shields from sun glare
  • both varieties block wind and rain
  • protects your BBQ, outdoor settings and other outdoor furniture
  • the ability to roll them up or have them down depending on the weather
  • provides a feeling of security and privacy without blocking any views.

If you have a patio, deck or open-plan outdoor living area and wish for it to be more protected from the elements without encroaching on your ability to enjoy the view or watch the children in the backyard, please contact us. We also provide architectural awnings by Acmeda in Cheltenham, Melbourne.