Awnings, Melbourne

At the height of Melbourne summers one of the best ways of protecting and cooling your home is by using external awnings. We have a huge range of PVC and canvas awnings including the very architectural verti-screen awning and folding arm awnings all available at Fabric Creations to suit every need.

Clear PVC blinds are the perfect solution to create a cost effective indoor/outdoor living area for your home or business. PVC blinds protect you from the wind, rain and dust while allowing you optimum clarity to the view outside. Not only are clear PVC awnings an attractive addition to outdoor living areas, they are cost effective and offer protection from harmful UV rays.

Fabric Creations also has a huge range of canvas awnings in a range of fabrics including traditional stripes through to a large range of fashion colours and heritage colours. As well as the cotton/polyester canvas, there are acrylic weaves that show the colours on both sides, giving you another alternative.

Choose from manual operation, winch control or motorised products with the latest in automated technology including:

  • Conventional canvas and screen awnings
  • PVC clear or tinted awnings
  • Pivot arm awnings
  • Folding arm and cassette folding arm awnings
  • Dutch hoods
  • Specialised horizontal motorised awnings for atriums or pergolas.

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